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Default Sony Brings HD to the Medical Field

From image capture and display to video conferencing and printing—Sony showcased a range of high definition (HD) technologies being used to enhance the complete surgical imaging process at the American College of Surgeons Congress (ACS) in San Francisco.

“Surgeons are just beginning to discover the full potential of end-to-end HD imaging to enhance both the practice of medicine and medical education,” said Brian Zimmer, Manager of Surgery Marketing for Sony. “HD’s greater visualization of anatomic detail and color accuracy can boost clinical confidence and support more precise surgical interventions, particularly for minimally invasive procedures. Sony’s high-performance technology is helping to break new ground in a full range of important applications.”

ImageCore HD Digital Capture System
New at ACS was the ImageCore HD Digital Capture System, an all-in-one, medical grade unit that captures still and moving images and routes them to a hospital network, robust internal hard drive, built-in CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc recorder or any attached USB device. An easy-to-use and versatile image management system, the portable DICOM-compliant device maintains full 1920 x 1080 HD image quality. It utilizes a 17-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) touch-screen with a powerful yet simple interface.

The new ImageCore System offers variable bit rates of 18/25/35 mbs and a high-speed Core2 Duo Processor for superb image quality and ultra-fast operation.

The unit accepts HD video input from today’s full range of manufacturers and is backward compatible with standard definition systems. Its premium features include easy conversion of still and video images to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, voice
annotation, built-in drivers for popular Sony medical-grade printers and VESA mounting for boom arms and carts.

LMD-3250MD HD LCD Display
Also highlighted was the Sony model LMD-3250MD 32-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) LCD medical-grade widescreen display with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. Designed for endoscopic, surgical reference and educational applications, the monitor rounds out the robust Sony family of HD displays and upgrades the current top-of-the-line LMD-2450MD 24-inch model with an expanded viewing area and range of additional advanced features.

Providing enhanced side-by-side image display, the new HD LCD supports simultaneous viewing of multiple modalities and maximizes use of the available screen real estate to significantly expand image size. Similarly, the picture-in-picture mode delivers larger inset images with enhanced space utilization.

Additionally, in dual monitor configurations, an innovative mirror image feature inverts the image display on one of the monitors to present clinicians, wherever situated, with an image orientation consistent with their view of the surgical field.

Like the LMD-2450MD, the new monitor also boasts 10-bit signal processing and Sony ChromaTRU color balancing for superb detail, brightness and color accuracy. Designed for easy integration and operation in surgical environments, the 32-inch LMD-3250MD is compatible with a full range of surgical mountings and features a front bezel control panel with touch-sensitive backlighting.

PCS-XG80 Video Communications System
Also showcased was the industry’s first-ever HD video conferencing system supporting advanced l080i (1920 x 1080) image resolution and a high frame rate of 60 fields per second. Enabling lifelike, interactive broadcast of surgical procedures, patient consultations and educational sessions, the Sony PCS-XG80 Video Communications System is an easy, cost-effective way to connect clinicians across the enterprise as well as in remote locations through real-time video and live interactive dialog.

To enhance operation in sub-optimal lighting conditions, the new PCS-XG80 takes advantage of Sony’s new BrightFace Technology to optimize video illumination pixel-by-pixel, eliminating dark shadows and overly bright areas. The system also integrates both video and presentation data displayed on a PC into the conference broadcast and supports PC data annotation using digital tablets.

The PCS-XG80 system can be configured to communicate simultaneously with up to five remote sites using existing IP or ISDN network infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite-based conferencing.

UP-55MD/HD Printer
In the printer category, Sony is showcasing the UP-55MD/HD high-definition A5 color video printer, which accepts 1080i and 720p HD video signals to produce detailed, realistic prints in full HD resolution and widescreen aspect ratio. Powerful, fast and compact, the printer incorporates all the features of the popular UP-55MD SD model with added high-resolution capability.

The new UP-55MD/HD also is backward compatible to accept SD signals and offers an automatic signal detection feature. For added convenience, the device can capture and save printed images to small, portable USB storage devices, including the Sony MicroVault.

“Together, this advanced new HD technology—along with Sony’s existing HD medical line—is helping to usher in a new era of physician confidence and precision in surgery,” says Zimmer. “From enhanced visualization of minimally invasive procedures to more in-depth physician education and real-time consultation among surgeons across the globe, HD video is having a significant impact on multiple aspects of medicine.” is offline   Reply With Quote