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Talking Re: The Kipnis Studio Standard System

Originally Posted by leffejon View Post

I first read about the Kipnis Studio system in Home Theater Magazine. This is certainly the end all reference system, to which, all systems will be compared. It's exciting to see that someone who is associated with such a configuration would spend time with us mere mortals on the forums. To see/hear a system like that would be a once in a lifetime experience.

Could this be the home theater aficionado's Mecca?


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Hi Leffejon,

It has been a very long and complex journey researching and experimenting with and in picture and sound quality. Over 250 years have elapsed since many sciences and technologies were born that have given rise to our experience of the recorded arts. What I have tried to do is treat all approaches as new and to evaluate and perfect as many of these as possible so as to yield a new level of playback fidelity - something never before experienced outside of life!

In this way, The Kipnis Studio Standard allows for the creation of a true times machine, one that can allow the remote viewer and listener to experience any recording with previously unrealizable levels of transparency, immediacy, and believability.

Would you like to join us for a complete hand-tailored demonstration of your personal favorites? I guarantee you will never be the same, again!
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