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Default Re: Poll: Best motion picture Surround Soundtrack?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Using DTS, which I love, its hard to beat "Jurassic Park" Whether you like this film or not, the sound of the T - Rex footsteps, roar, growl of the Raptors, it is awesome!!
I'm also gonna cast a write-in vote for Jurassic Park.

The first time I demonstrated that 5.1 DVD in a home living room, the paintings started rattling on the wall and the dishes started shaking in the china cabinet, as T-Rex stomped his foot. And several people in the room literally screamed, because it felt like the dinosaur was right in the room with us!

Many people have never even thought about this... but the truth is that a well-designed home theater can actually seem more realistic than a movie theater... simply because the shakes and rattles inside the house, make the impact scenes even more believable than when we're inside the rock-solid movie theaters.

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