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Question Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests


I too don't understand why the guy involved (Lotus) in the testing is being attacked !

As he said, this is a subjective test, but if you carry out that subjective test on thousands of people thousands of times, while it still remains subjective, there is more inferred validity in size of numbers.

From what I understand, the testing isn't attempting or claiming to be objectively definitive, it merely demonstrates what thousands of people preferred under blind-testing.

I do find it curious that the most vocal people on this thread who are attempting to belittle, criticize and defame Lotus and the test in general are involved in the HiFi/HiDef industry. Indeed, they work for magazines and websites which are almost entirely financially dependent on many different manufacturers paying there wages via fee's charged for advertising.

If I was asked to identify a conflict of interests within the posters of this thread it would be those who are indirectly in the pay of various manufacturers, all of whom, without exception, claim to be the best within there given field(s) and budget(s) of HiFi/HiDef products.

When the results are published there is a high chance that many manufacturers may well be negatively effected and lose sales - as a result their companies revenue will decrease and they will have less to spend on advertising in certain magazines and on certain websites, and thus will have less to indirectly pay for the wages of those critics.

Just my cynical 2 cents.


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