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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Second, I don't believe the study is being done as the cost to perform such an assay of subjectivity is HUGE and their os no reason to do such a 'study' as the data is inherently biased. EVEN if the study is being done, you could easily change any one variable slightly and have completely different results. No speaker maker would fund this as they are all pretty tight, even the big box dealers are feeling the economic crunch.

Third and most important, the 'goal' of the study is irrelevant. There is no 'best' speaker. On a one by one basis, their can be, but to say X speaker is best is total BS. My musical tastes, components, cables, and hearing are different than yours, Lotus', and everyone else in the world. What is best to me may not be any good for you at all and vice versa.

Oh, and to be totally clear, I am not involved with sales of any speakers or audio gear for that matter. I am a reviewer and editor in this business as well as a hard core audiophile, nothing more. I have no financial gains or losses based on these supposed results, nor do I find any significance to them if they actually do come to fruition.

They may or may not be accurate or may or may not have been actually done.

But for some fool (That's you Kenny) to come on here saying that the person posting them is FOS, i.e. a liar, is blatantly rude and you should apologize for your inflammatory ignorant remarks.

That being said a lot of people like the sound of full range planar's and electrostatics.

Not everyone's cup of tea and no one should purchase anything without testing it themselves.

Sure you can purchase Maggie's for around $600.00 but what I have read from other people on forums such as this they are a pain to set up correctly and you have to the right room layout for them. Something I don't have. Nor do I have a spare several thousand to spend on Martin Logan's but they would be my choice if I did.

If the test was done as described the subjects may have been unbiased in their approach unlike most of us who have preconceived ideas of a what a speaker should sound like.

So unless we have proof that it wasn't then give this man his due, but don't abuse him, we are intelligent humans not tree dwellers, thank you.

Remember one of the things our great country is founded on is freedom of speech.

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