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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Originally Posted by bobstcyr View Post
So what would the "scientific" test look like. Back in the 70's and 80's I took part in several when Floyd Toole was head of the National Research of Canada had an acoustic research department. Floyd is now chairman of Karman international (Harman-Kardon and Infinity). Floyd is one of the most repected researchers in the buisiness. The NRC research was the foundation for the development of speakers at PSB, Energy and Paradigm
OK, first, let's just consider tyhe speaker set up, Lotus says he has people that can swap them out perfectly in minutes, you bring up Harmon, a company I am very close with, they have a massive machine designed to do just this, it cost millions to make, to expect the same accuracy from humans is silly.

The entire test is based on subjective data, so in effect it is a correlation of opinions, which are not scientific.

The Canadian research was based on how people hear, and is valid. Getting any number of people together to pick their favorite speaker is totally subjective, and also totally different from what they did. I see no value in knowing what any group felt were the 'best' speakers, and I suspect no government body or university (as Lotus say's they are backing him) would pay to find this out either.

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