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Default Re: Martin Logan Dynamo

Hi, I used a Martin Logan Dynamo for a year and enjoyed it tremendously. I made a major step up to a Revel B15 and I will likely never purchase another sub again.

What I LOVED about the Dynamo:

1) Compact
2) Tight bass and deep--went down to 25Hz
3) Easy to place and move. Flexible
4) Filled my large listening room with ease (24'x24')
5) Non-ported design. I wanted an enclosed sub
6) Aluminum woofer

What made me change:
1) I wanted room EQ
2) I wanted bass down to 18Hz as I felt I was missing something.

For a 10" sealed enclosure, I cannot think of a better unit. Note, I had to make a SIGNIFICANT price jump and jump in unit quality to make me change.

Good luck!
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