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Default Re: New Member/My Budget system!

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Welcome to the forum. Way to go on the Vizio. Its really hard to beat Vizio, for cost per dollar/performance ratio. Keep your enthusiasm!!!

Ohhh, I've had the "enthusiasm"/passion since in my early teens. Alas, it's always been a budget thing with me.
But, recently, the passion has been reborn/blossomed even more. Audio first - I'm planning/saving/auditioning for a 2 channel rig based on vinyl... And I may get froggy and try tubes...LOL! I figure I'm about 2 years out on achieving that goal.
I'm one of those always helping friends/family w/ much more expensive systems. But, I'll save them money and time... Lately I've helped on 2 $10k + "family room" systems. And they don't even have the "enthusiasm" I do, just the $$$......That's what drives me.

And, VIZIO is a great value. It's got it's flaws and I do notice differences/have issues. Not even side by side. But I wouldn't hesitate recommending VIZIO for "non-videophile" or secondary set....

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