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Default Re: Iron Man lives up to expectations, breaks all Blu-ray records

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
what average consumer is getting beat up? it was ultra-early adoptors who bought into HD DVD and BD back at the onset of the war... ie, the ones willing to take the risk of getting burned. The regular folks waited on the side lines for one format to win. Now it's won. There's nothing to get beat up or burned over now... we've got a single format embraced by all the studios alike. And it's succeeding amazingly well.
That may be the case now. And early adoptors are usually us, the philes. So, we come to expect this. Though, I in particular, don`t. But remember, we have plenty of consumers that bought HD DVD early, then the rest, jumped in after the prices plummented to their lowest levels. If you remember last years Black Friday. Those consumers, some are my neighbors, with families and kids, are now stuck, once again, with a player they can not use, and software that is obsolete.

These are the burned folks. And most of the ones I know, have yet to purchase Blu-Ray players.
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