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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

I whole-heartedly agree with you Paradigm lovers out there. While designing my new home, I also interviewed various "high end" stereo installation companies. The company I chose recommended the (Danish Audiophile Loudspeakers, Inc.) ) DALI's for my main home theatre and while they are absolutely superb (you didn't test them either), I thought the Paradigm 5.1's were equally as fantastic at a MUCH lower cost. As a matter-of-fact, I replaced the expensive (to me) Velodyne sub-woofer with the amazing Paradigm sub at a fraction of the cost, simply because in my opinion, it sounded MUCH better! I personally believe Paradigm's are some of the best sounding speakers in the market regardless of price. I suggest you include them in your future testing.
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