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Talking Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
"A great and honest company, such as Blue Jean Cable, sells great Belden speaker wire from 10-12 ohm and from 0.55/ft to less than a dollar a foot. They also sell a nice Canare cable at $1.05/foot. "

I meant that the gauge is from 10 -14 for quality thick cable. Also, quite few audiophiles and acousticians really rave about inexpensive coaxial cable for speaker wire.

Professional broadcast and audio pros companies use Canare and Mogami both outstanding quality made in Japan and very reasonably priced and outstanding quality

Here is the largest Canare dealer in the US they will make the cables you request.

I have been using microphone cables as they are extremely well insulated agains RFI and EMI for speaker cables

For balanced cables use the Neutrik EMC-XLR
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