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Default Re: What is the biggest problem currently in your system?

On your standard 4:3 monitor, widescreen movies (1.78, 1.85, 2.35, and 2.40) are all going to have black bars on the top and bottom. This really isn't a problem. The ONLY way to get rid of the black bars on top and bottom is to zoom in or stretch vertically.

On widescreen HDTVs the aspect ratio is actually 1.78:1 (16:9) not the commonly thought 1.85:1. Thus, if you are playing something that is 1.85:1 on a widescreen tv the image is overshot, meaning, like in theaters, the movie actually goes a little over the top/bottom/left/right. So on 1.78:1 widescreen TVs the image is slightly larger than what you are seeing, or your TV has a readjustment that ever so slightly distorts the image to fit it on the screen.

This is why 2.35 and 2.40 are the true widescreen versions. In order to fit the entire width of the movie on the screen black bars are added to the top and bottom.

So, if you want to eliminate black bars on a widescreen tv with program material that 2.35:1 you have no chocie but to zoom in. While you will continue to see everything from top to bottom, the left and right sides of the image will now be lost off the screen.

My advice, watch the movies in the format in which they are given. If you have a widescreen tv and 4:3 program content, then watch the content in the 4:3 mode with black bars down the left and right side of the screen. If you have a 4:3 tv and widescreen program material watch it with black bars at the top and bottom. The truth is that reformatting video material to fit fully onto your screen is going to result in disproportionate content or a loss in image quality everytime. Sorry.
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