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Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Is the any news on when the OPPO bluray player will start shipping? Will there be any tests of the Sony 550 or the new Integra Blu Ray players? I'd like to get something to go with my Samsung PN50A650 that will up convert conventional DVD's to 1080p with picture quality on par with the OPPO's. JBK
Someone will test them all, at $329 I didn't want to wait and see which is best from what 5 have seen and read the BDP-S550 is mine on it's way compliment of Amazon.

When Oppo decides to release their player then I will see if I need to upgrade but in the mean time the BDP-S301 will go to the gym so I can exercise in Blu Ray and enjoy the new BDP-S550 on the 2:35 128" Stewart Film Screen home cinema
The Sony BDP-S550 passed all the silicon optix tests in both High Def and DVD so here is your answer
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