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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

A revisit by me. Consumer REports does these types of tests with above average success that guide millions of people in their buying habits, but looked into it is as subjective as other "tests" because it may not be what you look for in an item. They concluded the VW Rabbit was a great car, all shave cremes are the same, etc. Ages ago it was concluded in a scientific test that all CD players sounded the same. What most people like is subjective and often it equals what they are comfortable with. Not knowing it, they are still more comfortable with the sound they have been hearing from their system for years. Their ears and brains think that is right. Take someone who listens to groups in small venues and they will like a certain sound. Take someone who listens to live music in big halls and they will like that type of sound. It is all subjective. For me, I would, almost, sooner own a boom box then own a Martin Logan or Maggie. I find real problems with both that I can hear as soon as the music is turned on and it never goes away. That is me. If you go to live music you are in a better position to judge, but it is still your call and tests of 10 or 10,000 people should mean very little, if anything, to your decision. It should mean nothing for then those people in the test have found speakers that they probably like. Good discussion material and argument material, but no more.
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