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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Originally Posted by bobstcyr View Post
I think that the term "best" is causing some issues. It is clear from the test description it is being used to describe the most frequent listener preference from a particular listener group. Does that mean that the top speaker choice will be the best sounding to every listener in every listening situation with every system? Of course not and I didn't hear anyone make that claim. It is still interesting and I believe useful to see what the results are from such a test.
Hi all;
I have been reading this thread and feel that this response starts to address my reaction to this test. Arguments about "best" are, according to this test, being selected by a group deemed by the testers as having good ability to hear. Nowhere did it say they had any ability to judge the sound quality of a speaker. What hs been their experience as listeners? What is their baseline of good sound?
I am just a old hobbyist who sees lots of shades of gray when discussions like this start up. Without incuding all speakers (my Aerial's were among those not mentioned but they might have been included, I just don't know) and without knowing anything about how the ears of those listening compare to how my ears listen, I find this study interesting but would question any "absolute" conclusion drawn from it. Although I can see how it would be used for marketing purposes...
That said, I still want to know how it all turns out!
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