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Default Re: Sony's $399 Profile 2.0 BDP-S550 Blu-ray player now shipping

I bought the BDP-S350 a week ago.

It too is BD 2.0 capable (you need to update the firmware and add at least 1G USB Flash drive, minor cost as last time I was in CompUSA an 8G was $14....

The load times are the best I've seen, it even loaded Pirates of the Caribbean almost instantly, and the response to control is also on par with standard DVD players. I think Sony has finally made a Blu-ray player that works GREAT!

FWIW Moose, you don't need the 550, the 350 is all you'd need as your receiver handles bitstream for all the new codecs, the 550 just adds the internal memory and analog outputs (though it only decodes Dolby TrueHD via them, DTS HD MA and HR only come out bitstream from both.
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