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Default Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I don't recall which player they had @ HE2007, they were demoing it with their new speakers and I was pretty underimpressed by the room.

I actually bought a DV-50 and then had the 's' upgrade ($500 wasted now as 480p video by DVI-D is dated) a few years ago, it's a solid player and though I've thought of selling it, it would cost me a fortune to replace it, so it stays around. Sometimes when I am listening, I will use it for it's accuracy, sometimes I am just lazy and don't want to have to look if a disc is DVD-A or SACD......
Yes, the room was pretty bad. Its amazin to me with that level of equipment, that..... Anyway, its understandable that indeed it is a great thing to not have to worry about what type of disc is in your dvd/cd player. I would hold on to it if I were you. Great build and excellent quality. They should make an all in one dvd/cd player that also plays HD DVD`s.
That then, would be the player of choice. In my humble opinion.
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