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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

"Agreed have you ever tried Silver cables?"

Yes I have tried Kimber Silver "Kables". For me there were no discernible auditory differences. Then again, I used them on a very easy to drive system with 5 Monitor Audio Gold Reference speakers ( 4 x Monitor Audio GR10's & one MA Centre Chanel).

They were a friends cables as I had no desire to pay that much for speaker cables.

There are so many good amplifiers with a stable and solid output impedance, plus a lot of excellent 6-8 ohm speakers that have a friendly impedance when connected to a solid amp, that it makes little sense to pay more for any expensive cabling that makes outrageous claims.

A great and honest company, such as Blue Jean Cable, sells great Belden speaker wire from 10-12 ohm and from 0.55/ft to less than a dollar a foot. They also sell a nice Canare cable at $1.05/foot.

Belden makes cable for many of the "high end" pseudo-manufacturers. They have Belden wrap it specially so it appears different, but electronically it is identical. Sure, Belden makes some proprietary designs for some companies, but Belden is very honest about what it considers its best cables and gives the measurements to back it up. I can't remember one "boutique" wire company that supplies a complete electrical readout. To me, that speaks volumns.

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