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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

I think that the term "best" is causing some issues. It is clear from the test description it is being used to describe the most frequent listener preference from a particular listener group. Does that mean that the top speaker choice will be the best sounding to every listener in every listening situation with every system? Of course not and I didn't hear anyone make that claim. It is still interesting and I believe useful to see what the results are from such a test. As a luthier (instrument builder) I have taken part in blind listenings of instruments and the same criticism can be made of them - we only listen to the group of instruments in one acoustic setting, it is even more fragile that speaker set ups because musicians have to play the instruments and their playing could vary, although a highly skilled musician should minimize that factor. At the end of the day we know that a certain preference was shown on that particular day by that particular group of listeners with that (or those) particular players. What it means takes some further thought and consideration but it does produce some useful results. For instance there have been Stradivarius instruments in every blind listening I've been at and they never are choosen as the best sounding instruments. Frequently recently built instruments are judged as the best sounding. I won't go into all the details, sometimes we manage to record and measure the instruments and get to try to corelate preferences to "scientific" sound measurement. There are many more variables with instrument listening than with speaker listening. I think you guys need to lighten up and take it as it is. Is there a general preference when you remove the factors of looks, reputation etc. and try to just get sonic opinion. I have owned several maggies, quads, kefs, psbs, eminent technology and am in the process of building Linkwitz's Orion speakers. It doesn't suprise me that the maggies and martin logans are top choices. Linkwitz, who has been working on the "what sounds best" question for some time has concluded that the dipole radiation pattern works best in most rooms and listening situations. It seems that many listeners agree with him.
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