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Cool Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Wow! The attacks on Lotus on this thread are almost shocking. Are you doubters working for speaker companies (like Bose) who feel threatened by the potential influence of the results of this test, or what?

Let's take a step back for a moment here and consider what Lotus is attempting. He and his collegues are trying to evaluate a large number of speakers using what seems to be reasonably objective scientific measurements of subjective evaluations. Yes, there are always issues with bias and other contaminating variables, but hopefully, with a significant number of data points in a trial such as this, the results can provide a reasonably accurate portrayal of relative speaker performance.

By no means will the final rankings provide the ultimate reference in speaker performance. However, for a great number of us as consumers--those of us who have neither the time nor interest in personally comparing hundreds of products in a given price range--we can consider these results as a valuable reference to help us select speakers for future purchases. I find a list of evaluative rankings like this especially valuable for identifying value--those models that compare favorably with others at a significantly higher price point. You so often hear indivual reviewers hype speakers (or other products) with similar language, but I consider testing like this to have at least as much weight, if not more, than such limited and often biased tests done on an individual basis.

I, for one, applaud these efforts, at least on a conceptual level. I reserve final judgement of the results, however, until I see more details about the specific methodology, the organizations involved, the sources of funding, and the final list of tested products.
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