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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I have top raise issue with this post, Lotus, if you truly are doing this study, as you say you are then God bless you, but I think itís all a bunch of BS, and hereís why.
We're doing the study. It has been my full time job for a while now.

You say 2000 test subjects all had their hearing tested and were found to be above average? WOW! That in it self is a statement I find impossible to fathom, I assume this was a typo, so letís move on.
Not a typo. You find it impossible to fathom because you're reaching for a conclusion without thinking it through. The test subjects used to test the products number 2,000 who have above average to good hearing for their age/sex. You assume we only found 2,000 people and they miraculously all had above average hearing! No, we tested a lot of people and came up with those 2,000.

Four demo tracks, at say 3 minutes each makes EACH demo 12 minutes (likely more). Time to change speakers and move every one in and out of room? Iíd venture a guess of 5 minutes, likely a more even when maximally optimized. So we are up to 17+ minutes per speaker MINIMUM. That would mean for the group to test 40 speakers per day it would take 11 1/3 hours per day of nearly tireless listening to each hear 40 different speakers.
Not exactly. It takes approximately 15 minutes between rooms (2 sets of speakers). We were able to push through those 40 speakers in about 7 hours with lunch breaks. You make the assumption that we're playing whole tracks on the days when we're moving through volume. We don't. For the rating process we only go through 10 "items," a day. For the preference tests we move rather quickly. For the psyche tests it takes much longer.

Now if you Ďliterally tested hundreds of speakerí, even if we make that number 200, that means EACH listener is now up to 56 2/3 hours in this study. That doesnít count the redundancy designed into this test of replacing the top speaker from the lower price category into the higher price point, which will add more speakers, so AT MINIMUM that makes it go to say 225 speakers now each listener is up to 63.6 hours involved in this study. Now, if the study was truly done with the 2,000 people listed above, then we can make this test take a minimum of 3,178 hours or 79 full 40 hour work weeks, or 1.5 years with no vacation and perfect execution.
We get test subjects for 1 day every week. The test was started before I was brought in. Testing started in 2005. We don't test 2,000 people all at once obviously. We rotate test subjects as well as tests. We aren't close to 2,000 people in certain tests. We're at least a year from some things being finished, and a year and a half from being able to release data on it all.

Holy poop! I have run medical studies and know the cost, I canít fathom how much you had to pay test subjects you get them to take the required weeks off work to do nothing but listen and rate speakers full time! Oh, and for all the above calculations I didnít include the survey time, which will add several minutes or more to EACH listening session, and no accounting for data crunching as I assume the staff, of which I have not even begun to attempt to calculate required to perform and organize this, especially with such criteria as never having two groups listen to the same set of speakers per session at the same time? WOW! The logistics of this study are staggering!
Some are paid more than others. Some volunteered entirely. We haven't even begun to crunch all the data. This is my retirement work. I'm being paid practically nothing.

As for the rest of your tirade it isn't worth responding to. This is being done with a major University, Government Grants, and donations. We have already gone through millions and we'll likely add more before we're done. It isn't cheap. Getting gear was mainly done through distribution channels/used/etc.

Breaking your own forum policy however was imho uncalled for. You could have PMed me and received phone numbers to confirm all the testing going on. Instead you attack me. How very nice of you.
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