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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

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I would urge you to test one of the speakers from SoundLab. They manufacture a full-range electrostatic speaker that actually produces good bass!

Unlike Martin Logan speakers, these have no crossover, and use a single diaphram. They are the best speakers I have ever heard!

So I'd like to see what others thing of their sound.
Unfortunately we aren't made out of money. We do have an old SoundLab A-1 in the tests (and yes it does well). Many of the esoteric brands couldn't lend us units or the stores in the areas that carry them wouldn't lend us demos. We had to be a lot more picky about esoteric brands. Avalon Acoustics for instance only got 1 pair of speakers in the tests because a friend owned them and was willing to part with them (he upgraded to a pair 1 step up in their lineup).
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