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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Maybe I missed the memo, but since when did Engadget become the expert go-to source for pro-AV & HDTV information?

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are Blu-Ray players in the sub-$300 range. There are also far superior Blu-Ray players that are over $500-$600 too that sell quite well to the folks who want and appreciate them. Granted, it's not a main stream market item and they aren't sold on the shelves of local stores, but then again, you won't find a Porsche on the local CarMax lot either.

VUDU is upgradeable via firmware updates, so I'm sure as new audio and video formats come out, there will be available upgrades to apply. How many movies that you've rented in the past year are encoded for full Dolby Digital? In the same vane, how many movies have you watched or rented in the past year that have Dolby Digital Plus ?

HDMI is not the only HD output from a VUDU. VUDU also has output via Component Video for those of us that want to share or distribute an HD movie to multiple monitors or displays throughout a home. Granted, it's not the $300 std VUDU box that'll let you do that, you've got to purchase the XL box from an installer and we'll be glad to show you how (both) the HDMI port and the component video ports are active simultaneously for HD viewing.

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