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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

Well here is one way to do this without having to buy a new preamp processor. You can use the Analogue inputs, the same ones you would use for SACD playback, that WILL play the true dts, and true dolby HD sound.

Sunfire in their new preamp still does not allow the sound to come through the 1.3 HDMI cable, they still don't believe that the sound coming through that cable is as good as using the 8 channel analogue imputs.

So if you have a good high end preamp processor and good amp you do not need to buy a new preamp with the 1.3.

I run the 1.3 cable from my brand new Denon blu ray disk player directly to the TV, and run the 8 channel analogue imputs into the preamp for sound.
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