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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

Originally Posted by glocksout View Post
I would say you could just wait on a processor, if it is truly the cost you're worried about. Instead, use a BD player which decodes the formats with good multi-channel DAC output. The new Elite BDP-09 should be killer.
That's exactly my point. I really like my Anthem gear, but there is no HDMI 1.3 version. So, I'd prefer to leverage my existing setup with a BR player with internal decoders and upgrade my preamp in a few years.

So, from what little I've seen (in about 10 minutes of looking) there seem to be some reasonable BR players that have good(?) analog 7.1 output.

The question is, then, whether or not the new codecs via analog provide a really dramatic sound improvement. My thoughts would be yes?????

Anyone doing that and what are your experiences?
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