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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

You don't need high-end components to hear the improvement of lossless audio.

Just like you don't need esoteric gear to hear the difference between a low bit-rate MP3 or apple compressed file and the original CD. I can even hear the difference switching between lossy and lossless of the same song on my ipod while driving my car on my car stereo with road noise. It doesn't mean everyone would care as much about the difference as I do. But it's there to be heard by anyone who wants to take the time to listen.

Lossless on movies is a no-brainer. Those of us who enjoyed laserdisc know what a step backwards we took with compressed audio on DVD. And we could hear the better sound of the linear PCM on laserdisc even without expensive high-end systems. My friend has a devestatingly pathetic sony "rack system" reciever that's 10 years old, tizzy as a cheap japanese receiver could sound, and has the paper-cone tower speakers that came with system. Guess what. Lossless sounds better on his system that lossy compressed audio. Sure, it would sound better still on Maggies and tube amps. But apples for apples, lossless sounds better.

Even modest, mid-fi systems will reveal a more natural sound with lossless. Lossless isn't about more dynamic range. It's about more natural tones and timbers and more subtle, refined decays and acoustics that are lost in the lossy file. even if a mid-fi system can milk everything out of a musical track that's buried in the recording, it *can* still sound better with lossless than with lossy files that have been further degraded.

The only people who tried hard to convince us that this wasn't the case were some industry folks who didn't want people to pick Blu over Red because of Reds inability to consistently deliver lossless sound. Now that we've ended up with a format that *can* deliver lossless on every title if the studios want to give it to us, there's no reason to pretend that we can't hear what we can.

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