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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

Hi all! Great thread here.

I think I'm in agreement that the audio enhancements are worth making the plunge. HOWEVER, upgrading gear is often a very expensive and not within budget option.

My question, which may impact quite a few subscribers is how True HD and DTS Master are impacted with analog out. For example, in my case, my primary setup consists of:

1) Anthem AVM 20 with 6.1 analog input
2) Proceed AMP3 power amplifiers
3) Revel Performa speaker setup
5) Cardas and Tributaries interconnects

While I can spend $2,000 to upgrade my Anthem AVM 20 to an HDMI-capable edition, why wouldn't I just buy a BluRay player that has analog output??? (Like the Sony BDP-S550 here Thus, I can take the PCM signal from the analog and play it through my existing system.

I also have a lower-end Marantz 7.1 receiver that likewise has analog 7.1 inputs that I want to leverage.

My thought here is that many of us audio and video guys would be in a better position of leveraging our existing setups (6.1 or 7.1) and using the analog inputs to take advantage of the new formats that way. Thus, I can spend $500 on a BluRay player and still leverage the investment of my higher-end system. Otherwise, I feel like I'd need to spend another $2,000 to upgrade my Anthem and then buy a BluRay player on top of that. Right now (and for the foreseeable future), that kind of spending is just not realistic.

So, I agree that the codecs are worth getting into; however, there has to be a cost-effective way of using using an existing high-end system and reaping the fruits of that investment.

Thoughts or experiences?
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