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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

Originally Posted by clinthicum View Post

Movies on Demand using high-speed Internet.
1080p HD movies available.
Movies can be rented or purchased.
HDX is a new format or compression technology they just released a few weeks ago.
No subscription service, just upfront cost for box and each time you rent or buy, etc.

Std Box holds 50 movies and XL model holds 500 movies.
From Engadget,

Unfortunately for VUDU, when it comes to home entertainment, picture quality isn't everything. Among the remaining barriers to acceptance over Blu-ray is the fact that although the movies are encoded with Dolby Digital Plus, the box is only capable of letting you enjoy old fashioned Dolby Digital -- either way, a far cry from TrueHD or DTS-HD. Oh, and you still can't own HD movies. And HDMI is required for any HD viewing. The download speed is limited to 4Mbps, so even if you have a 20Mbps connection, you'll still have to wait four hours for an HDX title to download. On top of all that, the box costs $300 and is a one trick pony -- even Blu-ray players sell for less now and can upconvert DVDs
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