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Default Re: Qualifications for Obama

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Interesting question. I am not an Obama biographer but I do know a few things...

1. He came from a middle-class family and didn't marry a woman with 9 figure net worth.
2. He graduated from Havard Law Review TOP of his class. Compare to McCain.

3. Obama was fully vetted by the voters in a TOUGH political fight with Hillary (who I mostly supported)

Another rumor is: McCain can't use a computer????

That can't be true can it?


1. So the person he fell in love with is rich, good for him, I'm sure it was a step up from growing up the child of a Military officer.
2. McCain graduated from the U.S naval academy, that's a good school too wouldn't you agree?
I'm sure he also learned a lot from his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.
Do you really see the fact Obama is a lawyer as a positive?
3. McCain has actually governed since 1982, plenty of time for people to get to know all about him.

Polls have been wrong before, wasn't Dewey supposed to win?

I know plenty of intelligent people that can't use a computer, I bet he can't get 750 HP from a VW engine like I can but I won't hold that against him.

Rumor is Obama wants my guns, can that be true?
He has done zero real governing, he can give a great speech though, I'm sure his pastor & great speech writers had a lot to do with his speaking style.

But that still doesn't answer the question now does it?
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