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Default Re: Sara Palin To Ruin A Hero For me

I'd gladly take your advice on a LCD TV Jerry (my folks are considering the KDL-52XBR6 as a replacement for their 50" XBR1 that Sony is replacing but I may try to get them to wait for the new XBR7) but I won't be taking any political advice from you!

I'm hearing the argument from a lot of Dems that Palin doesn't have the experience to be Vice President but none of them can tell me why they think a first term Senator who's claim to fame is handing out basketballs in a community center is more qualified to be President than John McCain.

And as far as am I doing better now than I was 4 years ago the answer is yes & from what you've posted you are a Hell of a lot better off too.

Threads like this is a good reason friends shouldn't discuss religion or politics!
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