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Default Re: Sara Palin To Ruin A Hero For me


While I don't share Jerry's Democratic slant, I must say he has accurately represented himself, both professionally and physically (though it has been five weeks since I saw him but...)

You must also realize this man is only 33 years old. Is he following in his dad's footsteps? I'd say not. In fact, as a man who was in private practice as an anesthesiologist by 30, I think Jerry's smoked my accomplishments!

Lets turn it around some, who are you and what gives anything you say credence? I notice your info is completely blank on the forum, no system, not even a local other than USA.

Who are you and why should we listen to anything you say???

In the mean time, I'll sit back and admire the rack no Palin rather than the pale on Barack!

Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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