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Default LCD

You couldn't come up with anything factual?


All you have is fat jokes?

Wow. No wonder Obama is kicking McCain's ass by double digits in the national polls and in many of the battle ground states.


As for my qualifications - I think they are relevant if you want to be the publisher of the largest home theater publication in the world. Its like a vetting process. The kind that your Republicans DIDN'T do on Sara Palin.


As for an LCD - look into Sony's Bravia XBR and Samsung's top models.

I don't know if you can get one in time for tomorrow's beating of John McCain but I would also recommend that you get it ISF calibrated before November 4th because I wouldn't want you not seeing the perfect hue of BLUE all over your screen when people who think balancing a budget are elected to the White House AND a filabuster-proof Senate...
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