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Originally Posted by HT Junky View Post
I called to inquire about their future Blu-ray player. I asked them if it was going to going to play DVDs, with the same ABT chipset that the DV-983H currently has. I also inquired whether it would play SACD/DVD Audio.

They seemed real "tight lipped" about it. I'm not sure if that is because:

a) It was still too early, and they did not want to tell me anything they were not sure of
b) They did not want to say for fear that I would not buy a current model

I called back and talked to a different person. Same answer: "I don't know the specifics yet". They have a great reputation as a company, and their customer service folks were real friendly and knowledgable. It just seams that they should have the specifics locked down by now, if they are planning on an early 2009 release.
Same here, they just don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet. Also they are still testing it from what I heard. What I know is that the design will b the smae as the one at CEDIA!
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