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Default Re: Calibration Nightmare

Originally Posted by clinthicum View Post
Rex, has anyone asked you yet, "Why are you using HDMI?"

You can get a better video image from high quality component video cables than HDMI. All HDMI does is HDCP and make the movie producers happy. Granted, if you've got a blu-ray player, then you're kinda stuck using an HDMI cable for that, but a cable or dish output will look much better across component video cables. I've done the side-by-side test time and time again with my clients and have heard them say "YUCK, what's that signal?" to which I respond...."That's your cable TV signal going across the HDMI cable that you insisted I use !"
Hmmm. . . That does not sound right. I've yet to see component video cabling set-ups beat HDMI video.
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