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Default Re: Sara Palin To Ruin A Hero For me

Hmm. You sound like a big jerk Jerry.

-Ronald Reagan had a two houses of Congress that were both Democrat. The House and the Senate control the purse strings Jerry.

-The collapse of Wall Street recently had it's roots in The Fannie/Freddie Mac debacle Jerry. Fannie/Freddie have been propped up by the Democrats for years.

- Let's face it Jerry. The media has propped up Obama from the beginning. Race trumps gender. Just ask Hillary and NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Times, The LA times, (your home Jerry?) The NY times. I think I got you beat there on the Liberal media Jerry.

I see you like to pat yourself on the back Jerry with all those great things you've done. Super Moderator too! But after all, isn't that what you Hollywood types do....pat yourself on the back? You look like a clown in a suit Jerry.
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