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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Yes psychology plays a role, can you post all the equipment you tested and ratings!
The tests have been going on for a year now and are still on going.

However Audio Cables:

Transparent, Kimber, Nordost, Kubala Sosna, Monster, AudioQuest, Generic Home Depot wire, Acoustic Zen, Blue Jeans, and Vampire just to name some of them. Over 200 cables were tested.

Basically our findings are that good 12 gauge cable from each manufacturer is practically indistinguishable from their other lines. For instance there is no audible difference from one set of Transparent Cables and another. The only manufacturer that had a higher line chosen over their cheapest was Kubala Sosna and again the lean towards that Brand was the most interesting part of the test. All other brands were about the same, without people claiming one over the other. The only exception was the cheap lamp cord, which wasn't even 12 AWG (and thus the reason it didn't sound good).

Some of our test Home Depot wire actually changed color! It was a clear insulator, and the wire started to corrode and turn green. So instead of the bronze look, it had a green look.

Cables are not all created equal. Some are better than others, but again if it's a wire with less than 5% resistance of the speaker's nominal impedance you have an indistinguishable wire. With the loan exception being Kubala Sosna in our tests. We can't tell you why people chose that Brand the most or so often. I can say that over 90% who seleceted Kubala over another gave the response difference as "subtle."

So basically if you're looking for a good wire it does pay to spend a little extra and buy a good cable. Why? Because you have a better chance of getting a good 12 AWG run of cable with better insulation and less chance of copper corrosion. Still it doesn't mean you should spend more on a higher line from a decent brand. There IS a difference. There is however no reason to spend stupid money on it unless you just like spending money.

Interestingly our tests with "salesmen," describing what people should be hearing from cable A vs B vs C vs D vs E, showed that people are easily lead down a path. Again there was no difference between cables for that test. However more than 50% went with the "salesman."

I'll post about speakers, amps, and pre-amps, in another thread in their respective forums. No real point in going through the speaker cable data as if it wasn't Kubala Sosna there were just as many who chose Monster's cheap cable vs say Transparent's most expensive (that we tested).
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