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Default Re: Mastering 4k Video

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Hi Everyone

The April Showers project is moving forward at lightening speed. We have the film being color corrected and synched from the 1080p edited version to the master 4k files. We are playing around with some more atmospheric music that can easily be added when we get the project back from this massive "data crunch"

We have started shopping it around to suitors with excellent results.

It should be 100% done by 11/1/08. My guess is that it will be sold by then too.


Andrew and I were bummed out to not be able to get any native 4k footage to Meridian for their CEDIA demo of their 810 4k projector. Even at 1080p it is the best projector I have ever seen by many factors. Just incredible. Patton, a 40 year old film now on Blu-ray, looked striking in terms of detail. Gladiator had color fidelity I have never seen in the movie before.

We just couldn't get a clip together in time. By CES, we will have them some finished materials.

I hear you Jerry, but it seems to me the most important thing is just about done now. That is April. November 1st, right before Thanksgiving and the holidays. Excellent.
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