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Default Sanyo Develops a New Blue Laser Capable of 12x Speeds

anyo develops a blue laser that will yield faster Blu-ray systems with high capacities. Pioneer has already made announcements as to a 400 GB disc. Sanyo's 100 GB capacity disc is much more attainable. The 450 milliwatts laser, the highest powered blue laser, can write and read Blu-ray data, up to four layers at speeds of up to 12x.

Each layer can store 25 GB of data versus the current BD media which has half the capacity and only two layers. At a speed of 12x, eight hours of HD video could be burned in roughly 10 minutes.

The timeframe for the delivering of this laser is likely not to be anytime soon. The creation of this laser does allow other manufacturers to develop media and other materials to be compatible with the higher speed. Expect a delay of about two years for the release of higher speed recorders.

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