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Default Ahh.... the liberal media...

First off - I am a Hollywood type. CEO, Executive Producer of a feature film, founder of and I am the kinda Hollywood type that doesn't stand for budget deficits. I didn't have one when I ran and I don't think the country should either - but do you know who does? REPUBLICANS. And unlike Palin and McCain - I will use FACT to make my point. Regan - huge deficit, HW Bush - huge deficit. "w" Bush the biggest deficit and oversaw the largest banking system failure since The Great Depression. THEN we have Bill Clinton who paid off the budget deficit for the first time since LBJ (yet another Democrat) and left Social Security with money to spend and oversaw the longest boom economy in US history.

Now to the media "liberal" media
- Clear Channel - ties directly to the Bush White House
- Fox News - It doesn't get anymore unfair and unbalanced
- The Tribune Company - Run by Randy Michaels of Clear Channel

Now let's discuss what the openly conservative media...
- Have you read what Goerge Will said about John McCain's pick of Sara Palin?
- Same with David Gergen?

Its time in America - especially in the traditionally red states - that people stop voting "rich" and start voting SMART. Obama was quoting Ronald Regan today by asking "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" So answer me that re: your IRA. Are you better off today because the stock market ended Friday lower than it was four years ago and for the record I bought more stock myself because I believe in America. Just not the moron that is currently running it.
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