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Default Re: Samsung Bluray BDP1400 not playing all discs

Originally Posted by andytk5 View Post
I have the BDP1400 that will play the blurays just fine, after going thru EVERY DAMN AD in the beggining... Just have to fast forward. Now other people that own this model, do you have to stop the movie, and go into the "player's" menu to change from bitstream to PCM when you switch from a TruHD movie to an Uncompressed movie. Also my Denon 3808 says TruHD when it in bitstream (truhd) tracked movies and MultiCh IN when its on PCM (uncompressed movies). But I have to go in and switch the samsungs output depending on the movie track, correct?

Also what the "F" is up with this damn thing not playing alot of my Standard def DVDs and "upconverting" them to 1080p!!!! That was the whole damn idea. Now I have two dvd players in my rack depending if i need to watch a bluray or a stan def dvd....

The current update I have done was 080418.01_XAA I know there is another one out but these updates never seem to fix it. Did any of you guys get results with this and what about the other issues with switching the output and all that? Thanks

Pardon the interruption, I have the BDP1500, not the 1400, but also the Denon 3808CI of which you speak. I recommend leaving the Sammy on Bitstream all the time. I do for both BD and SD discs. My display shows "Dolby True HD" or "Dolby Digital" depending on the material playing at the time. Drawback is that Bonus-View, and all the other things I doubt I would ever use, will not be sent to the Denon (according to some other posts I have read), unless you switch the player to PCM. Leave the Denon on Auto, and it will figure out what to do.

"Chatting" with Samsung reps the other day (a nice feature of their site, BTW), I have the latest firmware from the 24Aug08 upgrade (which does seem to reset the few settings I have changed). You can defeat the up-converting and have the Denon do it by changing the BDP display setting to 480/720, if you wish, but you will then have to change it back for BD playback. I leave mine at 1080p.

I seem to be able to go through ads by hitting next chapter until I can get to the proper title.

My manual spends a few pages regarding TIME setup, and the NTP server. Don't bother, it is not displayed on the players. My Netgear GS105 switch says 10Mbs until I check for upgrades, then it shows 100Mbs, to my relief. I am annoyed that there is no Discrete On/Off functions for my Harmony One remote.

Sorry about your problems, I haven't had them (yet)!
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