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I got a new SSP-220 installed in my main system yesterday. It's rumored to have HDMI 1.3 now, but who knows. . . I noticed that it has a new blue light on the front for when it's powered on, in case that means something to anyone. This unit came with 2 manuals +: one leather bound for an 80/100 (I now have 3 of these), one on disc labeled 180/200, and a multipage 8.5" by 11" leaflet which I don't think has any reference on it for model or date published.

One set of documentation does say it will now process 1080p24 video which is nice . . . when I get a new projector someday.

I still have not had a chance to sit and really listen to it yet though.
Hopefully, sound quality will be as good as it was before in previous units I had before they died.

My Halcro SSP History:

1st unit - Original buy - SSP-100 replaced to due HDMI problems and also wanted the MCPCM option.
2nd unit - 1st unit upgraded - replaced because the upgrade did not work - no MCPCM as promised and it was supposedly upgraded to be an SSP-200.
3rd unit - DOA when unpacked at my house by Halcro rep - never worked correctly, no MCPCM out of the box - it was supposedly a new SSP-200.
4th unit - brought in by Halcro rep with 3rd unit as back-up in case 3rd unit had problems - replaced due to HDMI board failure - it was supposedly a new SSP-200.
5th unit - just received and installed on 10/7/08 - supposedly it is a new SSP-220.

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