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Default Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)

Originally Posted by Bob Walters View Post
I'll DITTO everybody else.....GREAT job!!!! One question: do you have any "overheating" issues with All that on top of the other?????
I get that question all the time. If you look at the rack:

The only items that don't have breathing room are the preamp and 2 amps. The preamp on the bottom is completely sealed (no vents) and the amps all have heat sinks around the outside.

The back of this rack is completely open so all 3 sides of all equipment is completely exposed. The smaller amp on the bottom is actually 1/2 as deep as the upper amp so the top amp is even open on the bottom somewhat. This gives me considerably better cooling than if I had these items in some shelf even if the shelf was open on the top. In most cases the cooling is as good or even better than having the items sitting out on a table-top.

The other items have a lot of breathing room (especially the HDPVR and PS3 which tend to run hot). Both of these devices have variable speed cooling fans and they never spin any faster than the absolute lowest speed.

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