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Exclamation Re: Samsung Bluray BDP1400 not playing all discs

Well, let me tell you about extended warranties: In 1999 I bought a Demo Sharp
Video Projector from Good Guys in Orange County CA. I paid $750 for the store
demo unit and bought an extended warranty. Later I moved to Salinas, CA and
had a problem with the lamp. I called the San Jose store and they promised to
send someone to replace the lamp. After two weeks they were unable to find
anyone in the Monterey area and no one from San Jose wanted to make the drive.
I demanded a new projector. They had dropped the Sharp line so they replaced
it with a Yamaha DP-X-1 HD projector with a value at the time of $9995!
I again bought the extended warranty and under that warranty I had 5 lamps
replaced at 1000 hours...all under the warranty.
The warranty on the Sharp cost me about $300.
Want more? I bought an iMac in 2000 with the CRT. It had a problem that apple
could not fix despite home visits. B/C I had apple care I got a new computer and
they replaced the unit with the first flat panel iMac. The first iMac was a refurb
None of this stuff is reliable enough not to buy an extended warranty.
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