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Default Re: Montana Loudspeakers

Hello HT Junky, so you happened to be in B'ville. I have been dealing with Kevin for several years and have to say he is one of the best audio dealers I have known. I have some of the Montana SPX L/R and the SPC for my center channel. About six weeks ago Kevin had a seminar and brought in Peter Noerbaek the designer of the Montanas. It was very interesting to meet him and hear his thoughts on speaker design. At the same seminar the US rep for Esoteric was also there with their flagship transport/DAC's/ Master clock set up directly feeding a set of Peters power amps and XP signature series speakers. To me this setup was sonic nervana but truly out of my price range (pushing $75,000). Do you have a pair? Which ones? I would love to get a pair of the XPS up front and move my SPX's to the rear. I know that might be over kill but I love multi channel music and I can't think of a better setup for my room.
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