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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

1st receiver circa 1974: Marantz 2245 with flywheel to change the channels and the two lovely little vu meters: signal strenght and signal center! That blue hued light that the receiver would give off at night with the lights off...that was so cool! Bass, Mid and Treble controls....Pioneer Headphones (Padded soft leather) They had great bass and highs.
Marantz Cassette Deck (Powered).AR2ax Speakers...great highs and mids...Bass was somewhat strained.

Worked as a DJ in University: Electrovox Speakers with 2 Panasonic TT with SME tonearms and Shure Cart. (Mk14?) and Quad 405 Pre-amp and 2 Quad Amps. Kicked major butt. Crown amp as backup in case...

Radio Station: Rek-Ko-Kut TT with Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck. Neve Mixing Board and Cartridge Tapes for (Similar to 8 track) for commercials. Senheiser Mikes.

Later Home System: Harmon Kardon Receiver (1980) HK560 That thing got so hot you could fry eggs on it! Rega Planar II TT with Shure Cart. Polk 7's

Later Yet: NAD 3140 Int Amp with 2140 stero amp both running in special Brigded mono Mode,Rega Planar 3 with Grace tone arm and Grado Cart, NAD Cassette Deck with Dolby C HX PRO, Polk RTA 12 (Real Time Array!) Very advanced for their time. Butyle Rubber with plasticized dual 6" drivers and Sanwiched Foam 15" passive sub. The Tweeter was part of the x-over that sat inside a cover on top of the speaker! That's when I discovered: Simple Minds, The Stranglers, Phil Collins more Pink Floyd, Crissy Hines and the Pretenders, Quincy Jones, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Rush, Elvis Costello, Herbie Hancock, Luthor Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Commodores, Barry White, Madonna, The Police, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Ferry, Geez ...I could keep going on for hours.

Later: SimAudio Pre-Amp with 4070SE Amp and my Rega Planar TT with Magnepan IIIC speakers, Classé Audio 200 WPC amp, AKAI Cassette Deck Yamaha Surround Sound Processor, NHT Center Chanel and Boston Accoustics Rear Speakers. Rotel CD Player....was the best sounding CD for the money back then.

With those Magies I discovered Anita Baker, Four Play and lots and lots of Jazz (Miles Davis: Kind of Blue)! More Rolling Stones, More Pink Floyd, Rush, Phil Collins and Sting, Robbier Robertson etc.

Yeah, those Magies were soooo smooth they could literally sing babies to sleep!

The neighbour friend that I bought those Magies from bought very heavy Apogee Accoustic Speakers as replacements. They were amazing.

I also have something many of you may not have heard of: Museatex. I have a Top loading Meitner CD-3 modded and upgraded. Still in use today....exteamly smooth and revealing. Museatex AMP (100 WPC Bi Amped and Bridged) still in use for CC.

I am moving to an all Totem system. I find that they have a lot of emotion that seems to be missing from many speakers today. I know Vince the owner from here in Montreal....he's very cool.

Peace everyone!
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