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Default Re: Apple TV and iPod touch

I have been loading a lot more CDs of different varieties, and based on more data, it looks like I'm going to be able to get around 500 CDs in Apple lossless format loaded to the 160g Apple TV.

Also, I have had a chance to mess around a little more with the remote app of the iPod Touch, and it gets a even better.

I have an Apple TV in my home theater, an airport express "mini toslink to full toslink wire" connected to a Benchmark DAC1 in a small listening system, a second Apple TV connected to another Benchmark DAC1 in my main listening system. As mentioned before, I have 3 Airport extremes and 2 airport expresses operating as 1 virtual network (standard Apple functionality).

I had iTunes up on my Macbook Pro. When I went to "setup" in the remote app on my touch, I noticed that my iTunes "session" showed up as a device that I could switch to. I chose it and discovered that it also acts as a remote control for the iTunes on my computer. I could browse the library on my computer and play any songs on it the same way as it controls an AppleTV. But the really cool part is that I could control what devices I wanted the music to play from in my iTunes session on my MAC. I could REMOTELY select to play through any combination of my 2 AppleTVs or Airport Express. I even streamed to all three of them at the same time.

For those that are familiar with iTunes, you know that you have been able to do that for a while. But, to REMOTELY do it all through a free app on an iPod Touch really astounds me. All I have to do is turn my computer on, bring up iTunes, and it becomes a whole house server that I can control through my ipod Touch from anywhere in the house. How flippin' cool is that?

Thus far, I have had no issues streaming Apple lossless music through any 3 of the devices, but the 3 airport extremes and 2 airport expresses create such a strong "field" throughout my entire house that I wouldn't be surprised if I'm also "bending time" in some fashion.

Oh, by the way, the app works on the iPhone as well.

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