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Default Re: Apple TV and iPod touch

Originally Posted by rs350z View Post
sooloos? all that is is a touch screen to a itunes look alike screen.

my setups have included multi-terabytes of NAS configured as raid 5, backup storage, mac mini, jitter device, external dac, good quality cables, apple tv's or airport express devices or even separate mac minis (used older g4 types is all you need) depending on if you need multi source or not, and an ipod touch to control from anywhere in your home, all for 1/3 the price of a standard sooloos configuration. a similar sooloos setup with the same amount of NAS storage, jitter device and the same external dac, would cost in the low $20k range.

if you do it correctly, you can have a music server sound every bit as good as an audiophile cd player.
I could not agree more Sooloos is for people who buy Kalediescape!!!

Beside an Apple TV or Imac you can also get an HP TouchSmart IQ816
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