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Default Re: Is DTS Master Cinema worth the investment

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I would strongly disagree.

In my bedroom system, which is made up of a Marantz 8002 receiver and Kef 5005.2 speakers (total for the 5.1 system and receiver is ~$3,000 street) the difference between the new uncompressed codecs and DD and DTS are huge!
I'd hardly say that a Marantz 8002 is low end and same with the Kef 5005.2 speakers. Although the satellites don't go low (100Hz) the sub is a fairly impressive unit for it's size. ~$3000 for an AVR and speaker system is higher than what the average person would spend. What I was referring to as small speakers and a weak sub are the < $500 high distortion HTIB systems that seem to sell like hot cakes to the non-audiophile masses. Does DTS HD Master sound all that much better on a Sony HT-SS2300 HTIB than regular DTS?
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