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Default Re: High Resolution Music

Originally Posted by jbk View Post
Your prayers have been answered. I was purusing the Gibson Les Paul website and stumbled across a Jimmy Page unofficial website.

You asked for a hi res format of their music...check this link!!

Jimmy Page Online

blu ray and hd dvd plus audiophile re issues of select songs

I'm going to spring for vinyl and hi res!!!
GREAT news... thanks for the link!

I can't wait to score these new re-mastered CDs.... AND if Jimmy archives the new masters in a hi-rez digital format, it will then be very "affordable" for somebody to also release them in a hi-rez music format (DVD-Audio with 24/192?)

And it will also be exciting to compare how much they've improved the sound quality for the re-release of "The Song Remains The Same" on HD-DVD and BD.

Maybe there is a Classic Rock God after all!!

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