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Default Re: Best bookshelf surround 5.1 for under $2k

I'm using some Klipsch RB81's. They go for around $400 each and you may be able to get a package deal on four of them plus a RC62 for under $2K if you shop around. Of course that doesn't include a sub. If you went with RB61's instead you could throw on a $600 sub. Kef has some very nice bookshelves out too. I really liked the iQ3's when I heard them.

The M1's are a very full small speaker and you would need a good sub to make up for their lacking in the bottom end. They might also not fill your room very well as a larger Klipsch of Kef speaker would.

BTW: Kef, B&W or Klipsch will blow the Acrapstimass speakers out of the water. You'll gain a lot more respect on the forums too.
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